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The SSPC Mobile App for Members is designed to give members access to the most useful on-the-go information on iPhone, iPad and iPod devices as well as many Android-powered devices. The primary features of the app allow SSPC members to access the complete set of SSPC Standards as well as a contact list of all current SSPC members. Version 1.0 of the app lays the groundwork for mobile offerings from SSPC.

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What’s New

Coming in June 2015, SSPC will be adding two new features to the App.

  • Coating Selection App
    • What: An app that allows project managers and maintenance supervisors to select the best coating system for a project based on user input describing characteristics of the service environment.
    • Why: A tool to help select a coating based on the characteristics of the service environment. Since apps are installed on smartphones and tablets they are always accessible, even if there is no Internet connection available. This would streamline the decision making process for selecting a coating or coating system.
  • Coating Application Defect Identification App
    • What: An app that allows inspectors and application personnel to have a visual reference for identifying and determining the causes of common coating application defects and possible remedies.
    • Why: It would be a tool that is readily available in the field to determine types of application defects allowing field personnel to make adjustments during the coating application process. apps establish an element of convenience for inspectors and applicators.

Additional Info

The "About SSPC" section of the app contains useful information about SSPC as well as contact information and emails. If you are a member and are having difficulty accessing your account or logging into the app, please send email to

If you are a non-member and you wish to join to get access to the app, please visit the SSPC MarketPlace or contact us at (412) 281-2331 and ask to speak to the Member Services department.

Corporate membership requests should be directed to Ernie Szoke at or extension 2214.

Provide Feedback

We'd love to hear your feedback as we work to improve the SSPC Mobile App for Members. If you have a suggestion for a feature that you'd like to see in a future version, please send email to

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