Corrosion Prevention and Mitigation Strategic Plan

Executive Summary

The Department of Defense Corrosion Prevention and Mitigation Strategic Plan responds to the Congressional requirement, stated in Section 1067 of the Bob Stump National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2003, Public Law Number 107-314, enacted in 10 U.S.C. 2228, which directs a long-term strategy to reduce corrosion and its effects. The law requires the strategy to emphasize corrosion prevention and mitigation within the Department of Defense to include coverage of infrastructure; to apply uniform requirements and criteria for the testing and certification of new corrosion-prevention technologies; to implement programs to collect, review, validate, and distribute information on proven methods and products; and to establish a coordinated research and development program that includes transition of new corrosion prevention technologies into operational systems. The law requires that the plan include policy guidance, performance measures and milestones, and an assessment of the necessary personnel and funding necessary to accomplish the long-term strategy. The original requirements of the law have been amended in succeeding years, and the strategic plan has been updated periodically to respond to the latest provisions of the law.

The strategic plan reflects the implementation of a strategic vision where a new corrosion culture permeates the military, civilian, industrial and academic communities and DoD’s corrosion prevention and control efforts provide safe and affordable equipment and facilities that perform at the level of quality for which they were procured; are available to perform their function when they are needed; and can be acquired, operated, and maintained at a reasonable cost. Envisioned results include reduction in corrosion-related mishaps, increased equipment and infrastructure availability, and the lowest possible corrosion-related life cycle costs.

The strategic plan lays the foundation for the Corrosion Prevention and Control Program through strategic factors in the form of Department of Defense mission, policies and strategies. It describes organizational responsibilities embodied in overarching and working integrated product teams. It provides detailed program management, policies and strategies; the organizational structure; roles and responsibilities of key managers; planning requirements; planning processes; and working integrated product teams’ missions, objectives and strategies. The strategic plan requires working integrated product teams to develop and submit annual tactical action plans and milestone schedules that support their missions, objectives and strategies.

The strategic plan includes six appendices: one that describes the process for annual accrual of corrosion related metrics; two that describe specific processes regarding corrosion science and technology development efforts and projects; and three that provide program background information including the policy memorandum that initiated the Corrosion Prevention and Control Program, the overarching integrated product team charter, and the Congressional direction contained in the law and its amendments.

The strategic plan is a living document that is updated periodically to reflect major changes in the law, in overall and specific corrosion policy, and in major strategies.

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